San Antonio, Texas

We live a 6118 Foster Mill Dr. 78222.

We have MAJOR problems with our driveway. It was poured on top of loose rock and uneven ground. The way we know this is because we took pictures of the construction not knowing at the time what we were looking at. The driveway is actually pulling apart in the middle.

We first started talking to LGI about 2 - 3 months ago when the home was about 18 months old. We just learned today that they have made the decision not to stand by their work. It's not like it's anything minor it's a major repair and should not be happening to a home this new. I invite you to come and look at this workmanship before you make a decision to purchase a home from LGI.

This could happen to you. These people don't care about doing what's right.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That's odd. LGI Homes has moved in over 14,000 families since 2003.

If you or any one of these families filed a claim and it is covered under warranty, it will be fixed. Next.


Did you contact the corporate office?


I am actually interested in looking into more of buying a home with this home builder but i will first defiantly take a look at the constriction thank you