Scottsdale, Arizona

Seemed too good to be true. Met both credit and income requirements, and they were up front with everything.

There were a few complications (very minor), but i was very cooperative, and prompt to provide whatever the lender needed.. just because i knew i had nothing to hide. Now, i closed out and i'm finally a homeowner..

the customer service was great, the loan consultant was a bit uncooperative, but i looked passed that, and did whatever they needed for me to do.. i'll make sure i post anything i experience with the house itself!

Reason of review: Fast order processing.

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Can I ask how smooth your process went. I am a little wary because it just seemed too easy.

I literally put 500 down, VA home loan not withstanding, and going through the mortgage step now. My credit is far from perfect and it's taken some work, but I would hate to get my hopes up for no good reason.


I am wondering how your experience was with lgi? I am interested in the no money down program and how smooth was the process of approval?


Do they have strict credit requirements?