Morgan City, Louisiana
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Wanted to see a model home.......that did not happen. Person we talk to very rude.

I am interested in buying a home but they are not interested in selling me one. Just to warn people there are much better homes to buy. Take your time and do your research on buying a home. My honest opinion I would not buy a home from lgi.

They show very few pictures on the web.

myself I want to know what I am buying.that us a big commitment........Good luck to all of you hope you find a good home. Again good luck!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That is their "thing" across the board. I have visited two of their home sites, and they always make you get pre-approved for an unbuilt home that you can't even look at BEFOREHAND. I guess they aren't accustomed to many folks actually caring about whether they ding their credit all to *** for nothing.