Lake Alfred, Florida

After missing my appt, the sales rep called and rescheduled a new appt time for me. Finally made it to the second appt.

I do not have 1 complaint. The woman who is diligently trying to work with me and showing me how to vastly improve my credit score is a Godsend. She gave me hope and motivation. She was extremely nice and showed me exactly what i need to do to obtain a home from them.

Thank you very much LGI Homes. I thought all hope was lost. I've owned a home before but, was totally naive and not at all ready to be a home owner. Needless to say i was foreclosed on.

I truly believe LGI is here to give families who never thought they could be in a home a fair chance. This is a wonderful thing they are doing and I pray everyone who applies for an LGI home can purchase one.

Not to mention the neighborhood in Lake Alfred was so quiet, way away from the every day hustle and bustle from living in a metro area. This is exactly what i was looking for.

Reason of review: Good quality.

LGI Homes Pros: Sales rep, Nice homes, Location.

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my question is I thought they said credit doesnt matter and you say that you had to work on your credit? I'm confuse


I feel like it's a catch to it. I will be meeting with someone Saturday.

Their like, " no money down, no problem, bad credit , no problem.

We will get you in! Come On!


It does matter. They are saying it doesn't matter because they will still work with you and let you know what to do to get your credit up.

I already did this before hand so I didn't need their help in getting my credit up. I had been working on getting my credit up the whole previous two years.

I listened to the advise they were giving this young kid (had to be like 20) and it was solid advice and things that would improve his credit. A lot of the things I did actually.