Norcross, Georgia
Not resolved

We went to see all about LGI homes on gainsville ga the location is far from what we are looking for but we were willing to give it a try because of the prices, but the representive was rushing us to make a decision (is our first home we dont want to rush) and after we saw some homes. We told her we wanted to think about it and she went off on how she waisted her time showing us properties, and how we spend more then 3 hrs with her and took her off the phones.

We told her we would give her a call back the next day and she got even more mad and said people that say that dont call or come back.

I understand you work in comission, i also work in a commision envierment, but that should not stop you from being nice to your customers "home buyers" especially wen is our first home.

At this point i will not buy a home in gainsville, if your piority was customer service then why go off on your customers. No thank you!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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