Houston, Texas
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I just moved into my LGI home about six months ago. I need to transfer for my job and am trying to sell my home.

I bought my home for 135k, and the most I will be able to sell it for is 115 or 120 (because that is what it is worth.) I was told that LGI only uses appraisers they know and the appraisers give a higher value than the home is really worth. So when you go to sell the home you will be updside down immediately. You can get a nicer home for cheaper in other neghborhoods.

LGI only sells to people who don't know anything about real estate and they don't like real estate agents because an agent can always find a better deal than an LGI home. I wish I never would have bought this home!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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You've captured this prefectly. Thanks for taking the time!


im in a contract right now with them and ive been reading all this comments its really scaring me but everything is true they totaly forgot about us i havent even spoke to them in like 4 months the worst service ever