Anna, Texas

I am not here to complain about their lying sales people - that has been established on this board. The reason they spend so much time with you before showing you a home is because their homes are built so poorly.

They want to trick you into thinking they are ethical and are a quality builder before you see anything - a good way for your mind to dismiss obvious low quality items in their homes.

This builder is horrible and I am surprised they are getting appraisals out of these homes.

My story is much of the same as everyone else and luckily I have a little knowledge of construction and knew what I saw was faulty. They are not a company but a scheme.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

LGI Homes Pros: Location.

LGI Homes Cons: Home quality, Sales people, Presentation.

  • Lgi Homes Quality
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