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This review is to help new and previous home owners. I'm not hear to lie about a company. Majority of the coments are correct on this site.

I was introduce to LGI via a flyer. I went to three of their GA locations never signed any documents, however I did allow them to pull my credit to see a home. Do not do this. I know better now. Don't get me wrong-it is good to know where you stand financially in a home buying process. But, if you are just looking to see if the home is right for you and your family or the community then pulling your credit shouldn't be performed prior to looking at the home from the actual builder.

GA Law doesn't require you to place an earnest money for the purchase agreement of a home. Go to:

My experience in short: signed a TBD to save money for the 3.5% down payment and to clear other small financial obligations early part of October this year. Spoke with in house loan officer and stated my concerns couple days later via phone -I was then told to pickup my earnest money that following week due to in-house processing. I agreed. I went to their sells office (house model) to pick up my earnest money. I was then told I had three months to purchase the house...after some talk I ask for the in house loan processer to see where I stand for a future purchase. I was then told I was approved for the home with zero down from their director who was at the office that Saturday. I was excited. I signed the purchase agreement not fully understanding the refund policy #3 on their purchase agreement Earnest Money/Default "buyer remorse ". This wasn't my dream home. It's simple little home. I decided to go with LGI because a friend got their home at their Fairburn, GA location. At the end I lost my earnest money due to the fact I terminated the agreement in 3 days via phone and email. If I went through their process and got declined for a mortgage then I would have been given back my earnest money. I honestly felt they would've tried all sources to approve me for the home that I truly didn't want.

I felt scammed because after I tried to retrieve my Earnest Money as agreed - then all of sudden I was approved with zero down and I signed purchase agreement

If you are looking for a home LGI or any other builders know:

1. Your state real estate law

2. Get a good brooker or real estate agent who have you best interests at heart. Never go in alone as I did

3. Know your home buying purchasing power ahead a time. I recalculate my budget after signing

4. See the homes first. Don't allow them to pull your credit first. Know what you want

5. If you in GA don't give earnest money until you are 100% sure this where you want to live. If the seller disagrees it is not the place for you. It is the law

6. Check out the MLS site for information-year built-previous purchase price-schools and other information

I hope this helped any future buyers

LGI home builders are not a bad home builder but their processes or shall I say sell agents and loan officers need more people skills. I know it's a sell job. You don't have to mislead people for a quick buck. Majority of the buyers are hard working people trying get a piece of the American dream.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Every major homebuilder will require an a

Earnest money fee to *** out individuals who are not serious about purchasing a home. It's up to the buyer to get the due diligence.


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