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"Our continued improvement is dependent on your feedback"

That line from LGI Homes is a complete lie imo. I have made two attempts to have the below concern addressed, but it is a little like complaining to the fox about the chickens missing in the hen house.......no one will ever address a complaint that reflects negatively on their business, right? Keeping the ILLUSION of continued improvement is the LGI Homes priority imo.

My complaint is as follows: (by the way, I would not be posting this here if LGI Homes had bothered to respond to my concerns)

The LGI realtor (Morten Damm) went on, and on about the energy-efficient, dual-paned argon gas-sealed windows. He went to the trouble of having us touch the windows to feel how cool they were in the sun, and also explained that the green tint in the glass was from the argon gas. This was a big reason that I convinced my wife to buy this home because if LGI was going to put in windows like that, then they must really be building quality out here in Florence, AZ. I did not find out until AFTER we closed on the home, and had our walk-through with Chad Boothe, that there were no such windows installed. This was a FRAUDULENT SELLING TACTIC engaged in by the LGI Homes realtor, and the silence from LGI Homes speaks volumes, and suggests collusion imo.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I can't help but wonder if we are now being lied to and treated poorly by the same Morten Damm, except he is now with Gehan homes. We have spoken to hi supervisor and asked to switch sales representatives as we have got him in so much shady business with us we don't want to continue with the contract of the new build home.

They will not allow us to switch sales representatives and we are now considering walking away from our dream home because of the disrespect and poor attitude of Morten along with shady business tactics he uses. Sad that this is happening and to see we aren't the only ones it has happened to.


LGI does build a quality home and they do use quality windows. We loved our process, and we were shown the window demonstration as well.

They ARE very energy efficient windows, but they are not argon gas filled. Morten did not tell us that they were.

We had our walk thru 3 days PRIOR to closing. If Chad did your walk through prior to closing, why didn't you mention it then????

I did some research and these windows are the exact same as most other builders in the $150K-$300,000 range in the east valley.

Not sure what you're expecting.

They are low-E with vinyl frames, very energy efficient windows.

@Happy hoMeowner

"Not sure what you're expecting."

Seriously? Try reading, or did you not understand what "dual-paned argon gas-sealed windows" meant? Geeez.

@Happy hoMeowner

You should consider taking a refresher course in reading comprehension. Both points that you questioned from the posting regarding the windows were clearly explained in that post. The second one that you also got wrong was this:

Your words:

"If Chad did your walk through prior to closing, why didn't you mention it then????"

Poster's words:

did not find out until AFTER we closed on the home, and had our walk-through with Chad Boothe, that there were no such windows installed.


This buyer is correct. We used the gas sealed windows, and then changed.

I don't know the reason for it, but I will venture to guess that the gas is completely ineffective for the strong AZ sun and I haven't found a SINGLE builder using it. I spoke to one company and they told me the gas heats, expands, and blows the seals so it's completely ineffective in Phoenix. In Minnesota? Yes, perhaps, but not in Phoenix.

Buyer was told before he closed that he was not getting these windows and offered a full refund, which he refused. I've been in this industry for 20 years and builders have the right to change things without notice. I love how the unhappy "Pissed Consumer" tries to make the big bad builder do as they want or bad things will happen on social media.

I have nothing to hide and I've never had to lie. Case closed.


Does your state have the MCC program? Are you looking at LGI?

If you're entitled to , and qualify for, the MCC Program, you shouldn't be denied the right to use the MCC....period. Before you sign on the dotted line ask the LENDER, not the sales person, if they will do the paperwork.

If they refuse, walk away very briskly. If you have no clue what the MCC program is just google it up.