Saint Petersburg, Florida

Me and my husband signed a contract in a 3 bedroom house,it's the third house that they offer us base on a qualifications that we have,they told and congratulated us many times and were so confident,they asked us to do,paying off credit cards,closing credit cards,paying off bills,savings are gone and credit cards are closed...2 weeks before our apartment lease ends they called us and said were no longer qualified for it that the credit score went down its because we don't have any revolving credit(due to closing credit cards) and telling us basically to pick up our $1000 down payment and signed the cancellation forms!!!!My heart and soul sinks heart rate is raising thinking of the possibility that we're going to be homeless with my 2 years old daughter,,,,savings are gone,$5000 limits of credit card gone!and no house.They ruined our life!!!!!!

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Don't ever close credit cards accounts that lowers your score. You should have just paid the balance down.


They don't recommend doing any of these things during the mortgage process, and even give you a page of what NOT TO DO, Exactly what you did.


Holy ***, and I was think of buying a house from them. Well, when a deal is to good it usually is. Plus their pricing is way too high.