Westminster, Louisiana
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Came by freeman homes I good faith believing what the advertising states 0 down! Once there they went thru their spill show you pictures, telling you how customer service oriented, we won't stop because you have the keys BS.

Ran my wife's and self credit automatic yes congratulations you qualified! I'm a vet so in using my VA loan so I thought, my score was 588 mid 688 high, wife's 639 mid 639 high so we are ready, they went and ran credit one more time dropping my score below 580 and try to blame something else on my credit! Didn't even try to run my wife's as a first time buyer, nor the supposed 0 down program! So unprofessional, all they are looking is for shake and bake loans, don't want to work for the sale, and got an attitude when I called them afew times to check status, flat out told me they wouldn't do my wife alone nor asked me if we had a back up plan, give them 2 weeks to see if they call us back and nothing, called their corporate and left 4 messages and nothing sent an email and a text and finally today got a call, a rude call telling me they have a cancelation letter and will issue a check for my doe payment tomorrow!

Unbelievable, they talk bad about everyone else product but theirs is not any better, overpriced and without washer and dryer, Knight homes offer a *** of a better product, all appliances included 235 square feet bigger with fense and $15,000 dollar cheaper and only 4 miles away... We are honest people, we provided all documents and down payment wishing 2 days and all they did was nothing, their mortgage company is a joke, their values are a front and their tactics well read on line, I'm not the only customer that has complained about them...

Sad sad business, but where one door close another one opens! Don't fall for lies and deception, do your homework!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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With your credit score you shouldn't be qualified. Work on it first, then buy.


His scores was fine, your a ***


I love *** specially when they don't know *** but decided to post, you obviously don't know *** about credit scores, but nevertheless LGI sucks in every state they put feet on! And for your info just bought not 1, but 2 homes with the same credit score your $&$)@.