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We drove out to Elbert County, Colorado, which is unincorporated Elizabeth, Colorado---& we already knew our credit scores, etc. The "warm-up" took an awfully long time, & the salesperson evidently wasn't listening; the salesperson had an agenda to run through, & when shown the six steps to buying a home TODAY, we mentioned again our talking points, which included that we know our timeframe, our credit scores, & yes, we'd owned a home previously.

The salesperson hadn't even shown us a whiff or hint of an actual model home, so we balked at filling out a form for a credit pull: She assured us that it was NOT a "hard pull", & that for us to know EXACTLY what the breakdown was, she HAD TO DO IT---& separate forms, please. By doing so, she said we'd then tour a finished home ready for sale, & we'd have all the details...5 minutes later, she gave us copies of the credit pulls for each of us---& said, "Now don't allow anyone else to do this again until you're ready to buy..."---& that was it! No sheet filled out showing a sample or legitimate breakdown of local Elbert Co. taxes, etc., which we had been promised by doing the "soft" credit inquiry.

No model tour, either---nothing but flat diagrams like one can view on the Internet---no exterior shots whatsoever of a single house! Bottom line is this: They must get a bonus or something for getting us to do the credit pull! So we left & drove through the subdivision, which has been open since December, 2012: We noticed that very few people have finished their yards---most look like they have completely abandoned that concept! They can't afford to put in grass, trees, shrubs---& afford WATER to maintain anything!

No thank you! And yes, I'm filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office here in CO if that "soft" credit inquiry turns out to be a hard pull, which means she lied to our faces!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Beware of LGI. They will give you a dog-n-pony show about how they are all about integrity and ethics and them proceed to do the complete opposite.

The manager in Elizabeth will lie to your face. Run as fast as you can from LGI.


Nothing has been resolved; this company continues to do business, barely under the description of "legal"---so glad we haven't been contacted by them in any way; we will steer clear of this company, & recommend that others do the same!