San Antonio, Texas
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My husband and I are first time home buyers and are currently working with a realtor and a loan officer. We went to LGI Home simply to view a model home (nothing more).

The salesman Rafael told us what the company was about (loyalty, integrity, customer service and so on). Had us quickly fill out a form asking about our income. 2 minutes later I got an email alert to my phone that our credit had been ran! Rafael did not tell us that he was going to do that.

I immediately called my realtor and mentioned to her that the salesman was pushy and was moving quickly. Mind you we hadn't even viewed a model home. The salesman asked why we needed our realtor and we explained to him that we would not move forward without her being present. His whole attitude changed.

He became upset and was not hiding it. He called our realtor and spoke very poorly to her. When asked if we could view a home we were told 'No, you can see one Monday when your realtor is here and when you're ready to buy a home'.

Then went further on and said that when we give our $1000 in earnest money that we can view a home. LGI, where is your loyalty, customer service and integrity?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why go see it if all you wanted to do was "go see it, nothing more?" You're not a buyer so go waste someone else's time.


What neighborhood was this in?


This is *** so you signed a paper and didn't realize your credit was being pulled? was there any literature on the bottom that you didn't read?

And if you had a realtor why weren't they there with you? Sounds like the salesman just wanted everyone there that was important to you, so you can make a decision comfortably.

Next time read what you sign and have your realtor present when you search for homes. Don't be an ***


I cannot believe that man is still employed with LGI Homes... He is a *** and his Manager allows him to act that way with customer's.

That whole place is a big SCAM!

don't fall into the money pit.... They will hound you and take your money...


Would someone be kind and inform me of what subdivision?


foster meadows