Dallas, Texas
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We just left sales office. I'm a realtor with kW realty in Austin.

We visited the Kyle Texas sales office. The rudest sales person ever. Asked us to leave and my client just wanted a list of prices in any inventory homes. We told them we are just shopping today.

The want to drill you with sales qualifying and closing questions. The most unprofessional sales process ever. I would rather site in a time share meeting and get my free gift. Call me for details.

I wish I had video. I might go back and video this ***.

512-801-3792 text me first. I'll help you buy a home from a better builder anyone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Am I the only one who feels like this is just a realtor fishing for clients? Was interested to get a realtors prospective on this company but the last line where they give their phone number and says I'll help you buy a home makes this feel more like a push for clients instead of an actual issue


Just go in the sales office yourself. You will be the judge of how they treat you.


Brett was the sales person at LGI and he was rude from the start. Had an attitude as soon as he sat.

Ignored my realtor from the start.

My realtor told him what I was looking for and Brett ignored what he said, turned to me and asked the question that we just answered. I asked for the manager to call me and I have to hear from him.


Yeah, I dealt with Brett as well, he totally ignored my wife after the introduction. Never once asked how she liked or what she liked about the house.