Metter, Georgia
Not resolved

After doing and meeting all kinds of request from lgi homes representatives and getting approved but unable to get a home written up due a time line that had to be met by forclosure rules LGI stood me up on giving me my refund of 500.00. It was supposed to be cut 10 days after they we not able to do any loan writing.

I came to pick up the check and the manager was going on vacation.

She knew she was supposed leave a check but didnt. This is at lgi semaphore location in Atlanta ga.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Sounds like you were in the wrong. Why are you trying to buy another house when you already foreclosed on one.


Your complaining about LGI and you already have one house back to the bank. What a joke.


That’s not the point if they were supposed to give him his money back then they should be giving his money back stop being a ***