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Our names are Eloisa Gutierrez and Moses Bustos. We have been helped by Mitch and Mickey at the Fort Worth office for our purchase at Twin Mills. My brother and I have felt that we have been misled repeatly. I called Mickey at the Fort Worth office, which the call didn't go well. Soon after I recieved a text message from Mickey appologizing on his behavior and attitude, in hearing that my brother and I felt that we where misled and we are canceling with LGI, and would like to pick up our Earnest money of $1000. I was shocked on our sale rep (Mickey) reaction on things Mickey said, and the tone of voice. Please help us understand, the reason why sales reps feel they could belittle a customer and make them feel as they are not valuable. I know LGI has more integrity in customer service. Please give me a call at 682-667-5682.


Eloisa Gutierrez and Moses Bustos

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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