Wimauma, Florida
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Went to LGI Homes in Ayerworth Glen on Saturday, 6/20/15, mgr Alonzo was busy asked if we can come back. We came back in pouring rain, again he was out.

We were met by a young kid with a smart mouth. I love in Ayersworth & was embarrassed to have brought my aunt & uncle to see a home there. Firstly street was flooded, we asked mr, rude why he said that never happens & I said I live in community been there before he said well why are you here? I wanted to smack him, but instead went to see home where he left us to view alone.weaskedabout the landfill & his response was"I'm not here to start with you pointing out things" all we did was ask a question!

How disrespectful that young punk! We were left to view house alone, mgr was showing to someone else, so we left! Horrible home, unprofessional kids running place. Builder should be ashamed of themselves letting those kids treat ppl rude and unprofessional.

That's one builder I will never ever recommend nor visit. Losers!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LGI Homes Cons: Poor customer service.

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we were in the Wimamu Fl.and were greeted with smiles and hand shakes.. The 3 agents were friendly, professional and respectful.

We were taken by car to all the lots and houses that we wanted to see, offered drinks and snacks , as it was very hot! The mgr Amaury even went out of his way and moved some things around so, that we were able to get the lot 'we" wanted and the house "we" wanted. there as no pressure, no hassle.

Now, granted we have the income, credit score and everything needed.

Maybe, you were the one who was rude, and disrespectful.... you may want to learn proper english.


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