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My house is less then 2 yrs old and I have had nothing but problems with it.First LGI would not cover items that were supposed to be covered by there warranty. The only way that they fixed was for me to threaten them with a lawsuit for breach of contract. Then they did not even fix all of the issues that I need done. I am still having issues like water seeping in by the rear door through the wall and getting my sheet rock soaken wet. To who ever reads this DO NOT BUY FROM LGI Homes they stink.


Monetary Loss: $120.

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I want to thank you all for the comments my husbend and I were in the process of getting a LGI home on the outskirts of Pearland and something told US to research this company... to good to be true... The homes looked new it was just the neighbors they looked like they had too much time on their hands.


I dunno but I think our foundation is falling apart. and when we went to remove flooring to put in tiles instead,you know cause the *** white carpet they put in these homes stains so badly, well there was a crack in the hallway that ran from wall to dining room, and just about everything is crooked, have been having a hard time lining up the tiles because of crooked walls,crooked island.

Oh and let's not forget about the field mice incident we had back 2 years ago!

when they tore down the field to build more homes,the mice ran up hill and into our homes,it was disqusting and emberassing luckily I found all the gaps that the builder left behind all the appliances,and garage walls and sealed them or else it would of continued on for who knows how long! :(


I have water seeping in my living room by the back door as well. In fact, I replaced the carpets in the house with wood floors that costed over $3,000 to improve the house.

Now, water is under the living room portion of the wood floor all the way to the bedroom and the bedroom carpet is soaked.

I do maintain my home. And, why won't LGI STOP building in Canyon Crossing?


It's obvious that "NO" and "Lynn" are rude and crude shills for LGI. NO home should require any kind of preventative maintenance to keep water from seeping through the walls, especially one that is not even 2 years old!

The fact that they try to renege on their warranty (especially on such a serious defect) is a clear indicator that the company is being run very poorly.

Thanks for the warning Jeremy. I'll be sure to steer clear of LGI.


Lynn no I have owned a house before and I used to build houses for Beazer Home you probably never heard of them just because they are better built houses and cost more.I do know how to do the preventive maintance on it. So let me ask you a question do you work for LGI only reason I ask is because my neighbor that lives down the road from me name NO works for LGI and is on this site to try and redeem LGI'S horrible name in the housing market.



Was this your first home? You sound like a new home buyer who has no idea how to take care of anything themselves.


Yea they are the worst builder ever .


Jeremy as a neighbor I have met you and you are impossible to please! Keep up the maintenance on your home and stop blaming the builder!

You are an angry and sorry excuse for a man. STOP COMPLAINING AND ENJOY LIFE'S BLESSINGS


They really do stink. Don't buy one or you will be sorry.