Charlotte, North Carolina
Not resolved

I wished I would of stayed away but I thought I give them a chance. I've recently bought an LGI home in Charlotte in May of 2015.

My front yard and back yard looks like ***. All they left me with is a yard filled with no top soil but instead clay soil and said grass should grow. Called and complained, all they said is "your yard is already graded". *** ***.

My mailbox has been replaced already 3 times because it was so close to the road. I've moved it back and told them to come fix it but they wouldn't. Said mailbox is my responsibility. ***, if you've fixed it right the first time, I wouldn't be replacing my mailbox.

I hate LGI Homes! All this time, I haven't gotten any time to enjoy the house, except worrying what will break next.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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