Anna, Texas
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We purchase a home in Anna, Texas and had a great experience with the salesman and the finicing department.

We knew that the mortgage payment didn't include insurance and property tax so we agree on everything.

We qualified for no down and no closing cost.

Everything our salesman said was the truth. No surprices at closing. We love our house and it's well build. Remember that there are responsibilities as a home owner to take care of your property like a soaker hose around the house, maintain your yard and landscape and a few things the builder ask of you. Stop complaining and be prepared when you decide to buy a home. It's a big responsibility.

Reason of review: Absolutely everything!!!.

LGI Homes Pros: Nice homes, Location, Quality and price, Quickly got into home.

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We went to Enna to look for a new house April, 2016, the sale man is so bad and very pushy. He even lured us with news like Disney will build a Theme park in North Dallas, and also exaggerate the house square foot from 2280 to 2400.

The house LGI built in Enna are all apartment like houses.

They are all the same, you can't do any customization, it's cheap that's all you get. There is no value and sanctification from the very beginning.

Don't buy it