6007 Luckey Run, San Antonio, TX 78252, USA
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As a former manager for LGI homes I can tell you that you are getting a tainted product. LGI closed on numerous house with foundation defects.

Additional, multiple houses that did not pass 3rd party frame or energy inspection were sold nonetheless. The moisture barriers used on these houses is being used as air barriers, which is against the moisture barriers mfg. recommendations. Some houses don't even have the termite treatments or pest defense systems installed as required.

LGI throws houses up in 45 days. Any issues that arise are quickly covered up as to keep their "build schedules" and "closing dates", which are NEVER missed. LGI is as hypocritical as you can get. They have a motto...don't build a house you wouldn't let Eric Liper's grandmother live in.

The joke is that LIpers grandmother isn't living!!! Ha ha joke is on the consumer. Go visit their Manor, TX community, Presidential Glen and see these issues first hand! Note how bumpy and roller coaster like the neighborhood streets are.

These houses are built on the same expansive soils, which is starting to result in foundation issues in the houses that are 2-3 years old, that the houses are built on. LGI knows this. They don't "beef up" the foundations (because of cost - remember, 1 of LGIs core values is profitability...apparently at the expense of their consumers) because they chemically inject the soils in an attempt to stabilize the soils. It isn't working.

Don't read the positive reviews!!! Those are from new and recent homeowner purchases.

Find an LGI homeowner older than 2 years and get their opinion. Buyer and employment seeker...BEWARE!!

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THANK YOU!!!! We are looking to buy in manor, and wondered why these houses were so affordable.

Zillow listings have bow been updated to include allowances for structural issues in practically new homes.

Some are being sold after the owners living in them less than 2 years. Who can we trust as a builder??


Very very true. Worst builder in America


Would you be willing to speak about the foundation issues. I’m a homeowner with LGI and having issues.




Every single builder has negative reviews.You’re a past LGI manager, were you fired? I notice you didn’t attach your name to your complaint.


AngelKisses: First, please attach YOUR name. Second, don't add unnecessary drama to another's opinion/advice.

As you stated, every builder has negative reviews...and poster informed the public...just like any other poster informing the public of other builders screw ups. #RME/SMH.


Just keep getting the flyers in the mail....finally looked into this but I will trash all flyers from now on! Thks for the info!


My fiancé and I were almost conned into getting a home at this location last year. One associate in particular was very untrustworthy, by his actions, in our opinion.

We had originally started talking with one gentleman, then this other person comes out of nowhere trying to steal us as his customer, which was beyond professional, so, so far beyond professional. After my fiancé did some reading on this "company" and found out about how excrement like the workmanship of the homes were, we said no thanks.

The behavior of that one associate was enough to make me rethink the whole thing, but thankfully there were reviews up that warned other people from making the same mistake as they sadly did. Stay away from LGI homes.


Thank you for being honest, I was looking at buying in Puyallup, WA...not anymore!


May God bless you for telling the Truth


Please call me


I also am experiencing issue and qould like your input.