Forney, Texas
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My wife and I bought a home in Windmill Farms in Forney, Tx from LGI. It was built next to an existing home and the ground was not built up to the same level.

As a result, rain water runs from their yard into mine and I constantly have standing water in my yard after it rains. When I brought this to their attention, their man came out and said if I put down sod it would eliminate the problem. Thing is, there is already sod in part of the area that collects standing water. Additionally, the front yard has sunk because it was not properly filled in before sod was put down.

I was told that LGI does not warranty erosion. This is not erosion, it is poor workmanship. Now I will have to spend hundreds to completely redo my front yard because LGI refuses to fix their mistakes. Then there is the fence that was installed with warped boards.

Again LGI refuses to fix it because they don't warranty fences. I am really regretting my decision to purchase an LGI home.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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don't buy LGI - they are literally the cheapest builder out there. do your homework and purchase a quality home - don't be fooled by their $0 down - that's just an USDA loan, which is $0 down for most of the areas in Texas.

Why buy a home that is just the same as your neighbors, same carpet same cabinets, same granite - everything is the same - typical cookie cutter homes which do not even have security systems, gutters, the landscape is a joke as well as the appliances.

Please do your homework, a Lennar home in my area is about $15K more money - which equals to about $89 more a month - there I can choose carpet, hardwood floors, cabinet colors, granite color, backsplash on both kitchen and master bath - includes full gutters, covered patios, security system. Stop giving LGI your hard earned money when they will never honor their product.


I went with my husband and we were both told we qualify for a 4 bd rm. At first he said no deposit then asked that we write a check of 1,000.

Then for deposit $$... we are suppose to go back but with these reviews I'm having 2nf thoughts.


That is the location I'm scheduled to view on Saturday. Do you have an update?

Any other issues?

Thanks in advance! ~BFT