Kennesaw, Georgia
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1) They want to run your credit before you see the property. That's the same as applying for a property sight unseen. Who does that? BAD

2) The lender has an office in the sales office and starts to pitch you on a loan the moment you are approved....VERY VERY BAD.....I ask if I could being my lender to the table and they almost passed out. ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER LENDERS. Why because the property would need to go through the inspection and appraisal process. Yep that 160,000 house becomes an 80,000 house. Hate to see someone try to sell one of these houses.

3) What other industry do you know that markets products by listing low monthly payments? Yep that's right the automobile industry. Isnt that what drew your attention?

By the time you sign that contract during closing you will have paid far more handsomely then you thought. How do car salesmen get their money? Exactly. _ VERY VERY BAD.

4) The base price could be 160,000 for you and 190,000 for ellie may.( not including the intrest rate) - SAD BUT TRUE

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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so true. I was ripped off due to the earnest money factor.just a thought of owning a home was so exciting...because something is new doesn't mean it is of value..yes. A new home can be valued for $80000-120000 depending on many factors


this statement is so true about this company. remember in GA you don't have to give an earnest money upfront. bad customer service


Your complaint makes absolutely no sense. Apparently you have no idea what your talking about.

There are no brand new homes for $80,000. I have a great idea?

Get your facts straight before you start rambling on about non sense. You definitely lack common sense.


Realtors prequalify before showing a house so why wouldn't you expect a builder to figure out what price range of homes to show you before driving you around? Secondly no one can force you to use their financing...

So I doubt they about passed out when you said you had a lender. It seems your knowledge of buying a home is as good as your grammar skills and therefore reading your review is a waste of everyone's time.


So is your rebuttal, because you are too busy hurling insults. Your "facts" are a little off as well.

Realtors do not Prequalify you, before showing you houses. Realtors would request that you are prequalified by a lender. That's the job of a lender. I can tell you the guy looked at me stone faced when I told him I was working with Navy Federal, so his claims aren't too far off.

Why wouldn't you expect a builder to 'figure out what price range of homes to show before driving you around,' because it's not the sales agent's job. They aren't driving around. They are on-site and had they set the 'model' home up like a model home they wouldn't have that problem. It's *** and it's not common practice.

No way in this *** or the next one would I ever let someone check my credit to view a home I might like. I am specifically talking about new construction. The agent might be wasting time by showing/driving to show homes on-site in the neighborhood you are assigned, I mean, the office hours are from 8AM-8PM daily. How much time are you wasting by giving information about the homes in the community, a price sheet, or a floor plan?

LGI Homes doesn't provide that either. Oh, how much of the agent's time being wasted by having pictures on the website for potential home buyers to view on their time? Good luck trying view interior shots of the available homes. Seems like your knowledge of purchasing new construction is as good as your insults and therefore reading your rebuttal is a waste of everyone's time.

It's clear you haven't bought new. One day.

One day. You can go view homes in the upper 500's and they will not be asking you personal information before viewing.


I am seeing this myself, and glad I wasn't just going crazy like I thought I may have been. You also forgot about the $500 they ask you for before you are actually approved.