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I have no complaint about our home, but many residents are not informed about the HOA until after they've moved in and received HOA tickets. LGI markets to apartments and many residents have never lived in an HOA managed area. They're completely unaware of universal HOA rules about parking, lawn care, and pets.

The HOA is in a constant uphill battle as some new residents park on the street or allow their dogs to run free like we're in a rural area. Some streets are one-car wide in the evenings. We've had a few dog attacks on both people and dogs. Some homes have vehicles parked on the sidewalk and grass. Some have 5-6 cars parked outside in front of their neighbor's homes.

All of those things are safety issues restricted by the HOA covenant. I believe those residents should have been informed of restrictions before choosing to purchase in this area. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Do you happen to have the HOA info for LGI Homes? I would like to contact them.


The HOA should not determine the types of trash service allowed. we should be able to search around for the best price and best service possible.


Bottom feeding apartment lowlifes are moving here in droves. With that said, the HOA does nothing about the parking.

Driving through the streets are risky. The new park lights are on 24/7 so I get to hear music from a mile away. There's already two abandoned houses next to ours and two more on the way.

The property taxes are climbing steeply. While we love our house and what this subdivision used to be, the price to value just isn't worth it.

@we had hopes 78252

We've owned our home about 5 years. When we first purchased there were only two streets so there was only one "block" to walk around.

All the yards were freshly landscaped and it was a great quiet place to live. Neighbors walked around and it was pretty quiet. LGI marketed it to us as having mostly military (we're a military family), law enforcement, firefighters, etc.

But as the years have passed we've gotten very concerned. We've seen a LOT of car burglaries.

Quite a few home burglaries and stolen cars. On our street we see law enforcement every few months responding to something. There was a police foot chase through our back yards a few weeks ago. Through the grapevine we hear about the arrests in the area.

It's pretty obvious that we have criminal elements living in the community.

Because of all the foreclosures there's quite a few investment properties being rented out. Loud music, loud mufflers, loose dogs, and roaming juveniles late at night are becoming routine.

We will pay off the mortgage in 8 more years but we may give up on this area if it stays on the route it's going.


what is the name of the association for this community


I would like to know this as well


When we bought our house, the sales people didn't mention the HOA at all. They told us we could do whatever we want to our house and yard, my neighbors say they were told the same thing. But the reality is there is an HOA covenant and it does have typical restrictions. The HOA does drive through, take pictures, and write tickets. That's GOOD for those of us who want to live in a good neighborhood. The neighborhood is nice and quiet and almost everyone I've met is polite and respectful. People do walk around the neighborhood and say hi.

But there are people who do whatever they want. They park wherever they want, speed, have loud speakers or mufflers, let their dogs run amok. Some people have crazy curtains. Every morning there's litter on the main street (cups, bags, cans, etc). I've been tailgated aggressively and passed at very high speed (speed limit is 30). I've seen cars pass the school buses.

But I've also lived in other HOA areas and seen the same behavior, so I don't think it makes a difference whether residents know about the HOA or not. Some people just don't care and will do what they want unless forced to do otherwise. I would like to see the HOA be more visible.


LGI gave us our dream home. As a first time home buyer I would of never move here if I knew HOA was a organization of bull ***. If you look at the books we buy them coffee, lunch,pay roll, e c t.


The HOA is still run by the developer (LGI) until all the homes are sold. So you can't separate LGI from the HOA, it's the same thing.

LGI will downplay the HOA during sales to avoid scaring away apartment-dwellers who think they're escaping the rules of living in an apartment. They'll play up the HOA to suburban homebuyers who want an active HOA. But in reality they selectively enforce only rules that help sell houses.

At some point in the future, whenever they get finished building and selling houses, the HOA board will pass to the homeowners. Whenever that day comes we'll find out the true character of this community.

There's so many homes rented out right now it's difficult to tell who is a homeowner and who is a renter. So who knows if the speeders, noise and trash makers, and loose-dog owners are renters or homeowners.

We love our house but we really don't like lawlessness of many of the residents. When we have our scheduled exterminator and A/C servicing done we get an earful from the contractors about the conditions of this community. One contractor said they call it "Ghetto Ranch".

Not what we expected when we bought our home 5 years ago. We deserve better than this, we will not likely stay much longer.


they just bought more land in the surrounding, they will never stop building.


I agree 100% with this.


I just contacted them today 9/20/2013 because of the ad they bait and switch .They put it under rental than you find out it is a sale.They told me out right to have roomates in the home if I buy it and the told me to lie to the HOA and say it is family


We've owned our home here for about a year. Our deed restriction specifically states single family with only one non-family member.

At least that's the HOA contract.

But one house on my street has different groups of people living there every few months. They've converted the garage into a bedroom (HOA restriction) and every few months the cars are different. For a while there were 6 cars parked there (HOA limit is 3).

At another house the police chased a drug dealer all the way from the city. They closed off the streets for hours and hauled him out in handcuffs.

He was the 20-something son of the girlfriend of the guy who owns the house. Another HOA restriction. He still lives there today, out on bail we guess.

Another house used to have a Sheriff car out front every few weeks, hauling their son out in handcuffs. Eventually the house foreclosed and sat empty for months.

The new owner fixed up the yard real nice.

But within months his truck stolen from his driveway and they found it in the city being used for construction.

The rumor out here is that the construction workers case the neighborhood for robberies. There's been a few home burglaries by the construction workers and apparently the truck was stolen by one of them.