Lebanon, Illinois

Does anyone on here live in the sunrise meadow location? Me and my spouse have put down the $500 but haven't talked to the financing people.

Unlike some comments say, we did not have to put down that money before viewing the house but we did have to do the credit check. We will be meeting with them in a couple of days. Does anyone who lives here have good reviews? I'm now wondering if it would be better to lose $500 now instead of losing $10,000 or more when we go to resale the house in a few years.

We also don't want to spend to much money fixing it up if we wont be able to increase the resale value by doing so. Any unbiased information would be greatly appreciated as we don't want to get into a terrible predicament at the beginning of our marriage.

Your first home is supposed to be a good memory right?! Thanks!

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I have lived here since 2011 and I have had a few neighbors on my street leave but the neighbors on both sides and across the street have not changed. We are like a small little family.

We tend to mind our business and look out for each other. We enjoy parties and holidays together and our kids all play together. For the most part it is always quiet until the summer when all of the kids are out playing; which isn't a big deal.

We have since made some home improvements. These are great starter homes.


I live in sunrise Meadows I bought my house in 2008 I do not have one complaint about the neighborhood or the builders they have been great


I visited and made an immediate uturn. Grass uncut.

Too many vehicles. Looks hood.

Not well kept. Texted my realtor "*** to tha naw!"


Community is awful dog *** all over ,cars going so fast,and noisy weekends ! Lots of vandalism!I truly regret buying in Richmond poor communication with Hoa!


I've lived here for over two years and love my house and neighborhood. I haven't had any problems at all.

I have decent neighbors and it's quiet in my part of the complex. I have had a few repair issues which were addressed immediately.

I'm grateful to own a home and count my blessings.

The neighborhood is what YOU make it.


NEVER buy a home from LGI.

They cater to first time home buyers who are not usually able to qualify for a home.

They use questionable practices to qualify people.

The result is that you end up with a lot of hooligan trash for neighbors who don't know the slightest thing about home ownership.

Sunrise Meadow has a HUGE foreclosure rate.

I believe almost 7 out of 10 homes sold have been in foreclosure at some point.

Don't be ***.

Don't by from LGI.

@Real Estate Agent Retired

All of my neighbors of over two years have not changed. I would like to know where you get your facts.

I am not hooligan trash and neither are any of my neighbors. Do YOU live here?

@Satisfied Homeowner

Exactly, we are not trash, are streets are clean and the whole neiborhood is clean and well kept.


The community is a great place but the builders take along time to get stuff fix and the homes are made cheap.


Look at all of the foreclosures and people leaving the coomunity. LGI has created a terrible community with lots of problems.

The neighborhood has issues with gangs, drugs, and lot of idiots. The problem is for $500 LGI will place all kinds of *** in to a brand new home no money down. These people will make a couple of payments live in the neighborhood for free until they are finally evicted by the bank / foreclosure. These people should have never been approved for a house.

LGI does not care. They hold all of their loans for less than 3 weeks. They sell it off to another company. So basically LGI makes a ton of money off of people that cannot afford to move in to a house with a large monthly payment.

Now it get even better investors can come in the nighborhood buy mutiple houses really cheap become slum lords and rent them out. If you have any sense you will not waste your time looking at this neigborhood.

@Bad Neighborhood

Where are the gangs and drugs in the lgi homes? I live there and never seen it.

And should we really listen to a person who spells community (coomunity)? Wow.

@Bad Neighborhood

This person is on crack this is a nice community but homes are build cheap


Never encountered such rude sales rep at any builder in many years in this business. My client put down $500 just 4 days ago and was told they had people backed up to buy the house and no problem if they want to withdraw and have their money returned.

Today it was all changed. The couple each told me the same story separately and the Rep called them liars. I said all the new home builders I have dealt with return earnest money/deposits with no questions asked. They called me a liar.

Steer clear. I would never show one of their homes after this experience.


:cry If you buy any house from LGI, you will be sorry,The above message is right, most everthing will fall apart, better let do not even go out to look as they will have you in the house in 25 days, any place you buy and then the leave you to fix up the house and by the way the note on the hose will aways be way over a $1500.00, or more if you buy the higher priced one

@Little old lady

Wow... I have lived in sunrise meadows since may 2012 and have had no problems with the sales persons , earnest monies or neighborhood problems. and yes I purchased and higher priced home and pay wayyyyyyyy less than 1500.00 :zzz


Im looking for any advice on lgi homes next week i may be closing and im bout to have a kid so this decision is big for me and i want to make the right one. Any help would be verryyyyyyyyy appreciated. Im looking at sunrise meadow neighhorhood.

@jason thomas

Great community but the builders are *** and the homes are build cheap


Bad Neighborhood. Run Run Run as fast as you can. Better to lose $500 now or half the value of your house later. They approve anyone and everybody; they don't care. Once LGI has sold the house and you signed the papers they sale your loan off to another company within a week. So they never lose money only the banks they sale it to. Within a year of moving in to this wonderful neighborhood we were robbed and a dumb neighbor decided to shoot very large caliber bullets through our window.

Your resale value will be half of what you pay. There are a ton of forclosures or short sales every month in this neighborhood. The houses are cheaply made; the interior walls are very thin. The fence only last about a year. The carpet is very thin and cheap. If your house is on the edge of the neighborhood watch out for the mice and copper heads. Constantly having to kill them to keep them away from the kids. The park bathroom is for the drug addict needles.

Worst neigborhood I ahve ever lived in.

@Home Owner

I've been working with an LGI rep and have visited the Sunrise community numerouse times. It seems quiet and its still being developed along with other upcoming builders in the area.

It also seems to be well "diversed" - culturally that is. Is that not the case?


I moved into the community and have had no problems at all. I love my home and the area seems to be quiet. :) :)