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LGI adviced my husband and I to start the credit repair program, a year later, we still have no home and are out $1000. Their customer service is HORRIBLE.

After reading alot of reviews, their homes are OVERPRICED, and their warranty is absurd. We have now found a home 900 sq ft.

bigger and its $3000 cheaper. Dont let this company fool you into believing that they will work with you, they simply take your down payment to show the bank they have a sale, and they can continue to build equity to build more homes, and at the end, its YOUR LOSS!!!

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I've been reading these posts, and if nothing, it actually makes me more interested in working with LGI (and no, I am not an employee). None of these complaints are significant, and most only show the ignorance of the poster.

I bought a house about 12 years ago from KB Homes and went through this process. After living in the house, I became ill, and lost my job and the house. It was heartbreaking. I'm finally at a point where I can look at buying again, and what LGI offers is fair and good for people who have had problems.

But it takes work on your part too. You need to follow their instructions on fixing your credit problems. They are not out to cheat you, but they can't do the work for you. Secondly, these are not half million dollar homes.

Don't expect that. And don't whine that you are a little old lady who is sick and they took advantage of you. Puhleeze. I am looking forward to working with LGI, or whomever I end up going with.

But most of these complaints and assumptions are just plain silly.

Grow up. Adults own homes.


First of all, if you know NOTHING about purchasing a home... you need to do some studying!

I have been researching buying a home for YEARS!! I have also been repairing our credit on our own. Credit Repair program is for you to follow their advice in the time frame they give you... from the looks of all of these posts on here, you all need to go back to school and receive an education!

Nothing on here makes sense. Of course the homes are going to be priced a little higher, they are brand new, and they come with a lot included. We qualified for the FHA Bond program through them. Which is $0 down and $500 earnest money (which is money they use to show you are serious) They cover closing and down payment, which the $4500 they put down goes towards the equity of the home!

The warranty is a standard 10 year builder warranty, so I don't see how that is absurd??? Also, 900 sqft home???? That is tiny!! Ours is a little over 1300 and we are paying $676 mortgage before tax and insurance!!!

You all need to stop bashing a company just because you weren't approved... the home is what you make of it! If you are a dirty SLOB then your home will show this. We are going to start a neighborhood watch and a fund to make sure it stays beautiful!!

Work with your neighbors.. don't be the ghetto one who ruins it for all!!!!!


You obviously did not read what she wrote. "We have now found a home 900 sq ft.

bigger and its $3000 cheaper." And from all the complaints I have read on here, she was right in going somewhere else.


:p I BACK, and gee have i hope that there would be more people who had found this site, was going from my wash room to my garage,guess what i found after living here for nearly 3 year :cry :zzz now read real careful, i need fell over :? MY FRONT DOOR IS IN MY WASH ROOM AND MY FIRST DOOR IS IN THE WAS ROOM,I HAVE BEEN ILNESS, HEART AND JUST DID NOT WALK THAT MUCH, BETTER CHECK YOU DOOR, ONE OTHER THING THIS PART OF CREEKSIDE WAS FILLED IN BY SAND AND NOW THE HOUSE OUR STARTING TO GET WATER IN THEM,lGI RIPES THE HEART OUT OF PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT A HOME, one more thing, if you do not come in this site it get hide


Cheap terrible houses. Sunrise Meadows is going down hill.

Don't waste your time or money. If you buy a house for 140 to 150 thousand you will be lucky to sell it for 70 to 80 thousand. Many homes are short sale, foreclosure, etc. I was robbed twice the first year that I lived their.

The park bathroom is for the drug addicts. This neighborhood should be banned from the Richmond Rosenberg area.


:( will Lgi was just what I said it was, paper houses, we were nearly foreclosed, but got the house refinanced but,please if you read thid do not buy from LGI, hose are paper house, cost to much and you get ripped off every time, they look pretty, but boy under all rhat is no any good and now, your in for your life time,or out on the street, THEY LIE, is the long ang short of it.Just do not want other to go throught what we did!RUN!!!! DO NOT WALK FROM THEN