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LGI Homes Complaint I put a contract on a home in effort to buy. Utilizing their mortgage source i was rush and required to pay a $1000 earnest money.

The sales office was so forceful that they had their sales rep drive me to the local Kroger amd make purchase for a $1000 money order. They told me the home would be marked as sold and even took my picture holding a sold sign in front of the house. Their sales methods are very unethical. 01/12/2018 I was contacted by the sales rep and was told that o was not approved.

I was told to contact Jack at the sales office to get a refund of my earnest money. I contacted Jack and he told me to call back on Tuesday the day after the MLK holiday. I asked jack for the contact phone number for the corporate offices in Houston. Jack refused to provide the number and told me to google it.

01/16/2018 at 1:46 pm Calll the sales rep n requested refund. Sales rep said that the manager ho signs the check went to training in Huston Texas and would not be back till Saturday 01/20/2018

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Home Buying.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

LGI Homes Cons: Sales people, Poor service, Pushy.

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Agreed. Feel that giving "ernest" money to help move along the purchase process is one thing, but, that is still the customers hard earned money, getting it returned should not be an issue.


Same thing happened to us in zip code 30157. Sales agent was SO nice and offered a free garage door opener, and offered to install an icemaker in the fridge.

I was amazed at a $200,000 home that did not include an icemaker already; plus no ceiling fans and no gutters. We were told gutters are not mandatory in Paulding Co. so they don't do anything they don't have to. I expected a lot more for that kind of money.

The sales guy was wonderful but the manager was horrible. Found out he'd only been there less than a year, does not even have a real estate license and previously worked for AT&T and Game Stop. Not qualified at all, no customer service, and don't let their pitch of having honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service fool you. It's not worth the paper it's printed on.

We got up and walked out when he started a shouting match (so unprofessional) with our real estate agent we brought with us. We lost the thousand dollars earnest money because they don't have integrity at all.




Reading your comment gives me flashbacks and nightmares! Same exact thing happened to me.

I just wanted to view a home and next thing I know I’m holding a sold sign. I said the amoun was too much but somehow my sadness was first time buyers feelings and I was driven to the local Walmart smh trying to get my money back now and all I’m being told are lies


Very negative experience while visiting LGI in Tumwater WA. Sales person was disrespectful and would not show me the home in which I was potentially interested.

He indicated they were interested only in serious buyers who essentially were ready to purchase.

During his long-winded sales pitch he suggested that I could view the home, but then rambled on in used car sales mode. Type your message here


Why did they say you were not approved


They said that my rental income was not showing on my tax returns was the reason. However, I told them upfront what my income consist of, and they obviously could not have properly review my paper.

I provided them deeds, Property tax bills, my leases between myself and my renters and all they ask for. But, if they really denied me for my rental income not being on my taxes then I suspect discrimination. Only because my leases on my properties were all done in 2017.

Which means that I have not and ate not required to report it until this year... 2018


that's actually pretty common qualifying issue with any bank. They want to see at least a couple years of past tax returns. They want to see a general pattern of how much money you make.


im a realtor call me if yo need help>...... Harry Cummings III they have to refund you if u don't get approved