Wilmington, North Carolina

Purchased a lot at their new development just south of Charlotte North Carolina minutes into South Carolina Riverchase Estates. Paid over 60K and they began to develope the roads and it looked like things were moving forward. Four years later I have a pile of dirt along with others. No communication from LGI as a year back they said they were waiting for the ecomony to change.

Well many new upscale developments are moving forward in the Charlotte market and no movement from LGI. I will be contacting a lawyer soon to get my money back with all the interest I paid.

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Looking at the lots now as most of phase 1 and phase 2 have sold. Amenities center has broken ground as well. Still feel this way?


In the same boat as both of you. Just received a letter from the city of Lancaster regarding an upcoming public hearing.

I have moved away from the area but hoping some folks show up. Do either of you have any updates on what is happening?


I own a piece of that dirt too, and I'm feed up. How you had any luck with getting your money back? If so tell me how.



Thank you all for letting us know what a rip off lgi homes are....why don't you guys let the news reporters in your city know about the bad bussines they are doing ?....you just might get your money back. They will air your complaint .. more people will watch the news than read the comments that are posted...thanks again .