Fairport, New York
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was going to buy a hemlock home for $120000 found out the home was way overpriced because a full 1/3 of the homes in creekside village our in foreclosure or about to be foreclosed on. had signed a contract and given then a earnest check for 500.

instead of putting it in escrow like they should they cashed the check a day before I even cancelled the order, also failed to sign the contract.

these people specialize in screwing people who are first time home owner and don't know real estate law in texas.

do yourself a favor and DON'Y buy a home from them. YOU WILL REGRET IT!

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So should they have lowered the price of the home and perhaps taken a loss on the deal? Did the lumber and concrete cost them any less because there are foreclosures in the neighborhood?

Guess what....

This is all over the state and country! Buy a foreclosure if you want, but some of us want new homes.


also, learn to spell...


The $500 doesn't go to your escrow. You get it back at closing.


No No NO!!!! Earnest does not come back to you at closing with LGI homes.

There big selling pitch is zero down closing.

Well what they dont tell you is, After closing you escrow goes to closing for down payment. And if for any reason you back out or do not get approved, they keep your earnest money


You're right, it doesn't come back to you and it does go towards your closing, but you don't get your money back only if: you decide to back out of the contract or if you don't supply them with the necessary documents or information to complete the application. If you give them everything they need and they can't give you what they offered you when you signed off with the earnest money, then they will give you your money back.

It's in the contract you signed. I think people don't read, research, or looking into what they're getting into and expect something else that they were told or thought they heard. This is my third home and I've never had any issues when buying. You do have to prepare and do your homework before getting involved in a major purchase such as buying a home.

I don't think LGI is looking to rip off anyone. It's a pretty weak argument and only discourages new homeowners to experience their first home purchase.

LGI staff are great people and I should know, I'm buying a Hemlock home and waiting for my loan approval. Do your homework people, you'll be glad you did.