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Beware of sunrise meadows in Rosenberg. We are still trying to get our 500 earnest money back.

We were told it was 100% refundable, and that it would be given back to us if we could not get VA financing through them with all closing expenses covered by them, and he told us several times- It could be as soon as tomorrow. Because he made it seem as if it was actually in the works I txt him several times asking for updates and was told every time that he would ask his supervisor in a few days and get back to me. I don't allow people to give me the runaround so we came back that weekend and asked for our earnest money back because they were unable to provide the VA financing with all closing costs covered. We were told that they do not EVER offer to cover closing costs with a VA loan and that they never would.

So- we were flat out lied to so that they could get our money.

We were then told they could not give us our money and to come back because the magic man able to return our money wouldnt be in till monday. I told them that my husband worked and it would be me, his legal wife that signed some of the paper work, picking up the check. They told me that since my name wasnt on the check ( my name IS on the account) they would not allow me to pick up the check.

They didnt want to chance that I was stealing the check. Not the one we wrote to them- they cashed that the next day. The refund check they were going to write out to us, they wanted to be 'safe' and not allow me to get my hands on it. So Friday I told my husband he would be wise to call them before making the drive out there because I learned they are NOTORIOUS for keeping peoples money when promising to return it.

He called and was told the man that could return our money was not there and would return in the morning. Come back then. Saturday he showed up and was told the man was not there, come back in an hour. An hour later he was then txt and told not to bother coming because the man was not there and that we should just sit and wait until that man happened to come in, at that time we would be called and told to come drive out there.

Again. I am filing a complaint with the better business bureau, we never would have given them a single penny if we had not been lied to about them paying all closing costs with a VA being available in a few days.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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LGI homes didn't want to show me a home because I told them I was approved with another lender. They were very rude and I believe they pick and choose whom they want to see their homes.

They also would not show me a home. How can you buy a home without touring the models??? I also have a friend who bought a home from them. She is very unhappy with the financing (which she goet through one of their lenders) and said she will never recommend to anyone to buyi a home from LGI.

I think they are prejudiced and bigots!!!!! The Attorney General of Texas needs to be notified of this Fraud!!