San Antonio, Texas
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I was told the huge mesquite tree in front of the yard was alive,i told them that it was dead on several occasions but they kept telling me it was alive and that the city of san Antonio would not let them cut it down. I know own a new home with a big dead tree that's going to cost me around $2,000 to cut down and have it hauld off.

Im sure I will be taxed for having that dead tree on my yard and that's going to add up to more money yearly for me . One of my neighbors has lived across the street from my home for over 7 years and he has told me that the tree has been dead ever since he has lived there so no telling how long the tree has been dead!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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It doesn't cost $2000 to cut a dead tree you got taken advantages of if you did pay.


That's on southern hills.. I've been living here for over 7 years and hate to tell you that the tree in your property is dead.