I got the distinct impression that the sales folks for this builder do not understand the business. They had me do all kinds of account, including my revolving accounts before even moving to the next level. Every time someone speaks to you, they say the exact same thing, as if they have all been programmed to say the exact same thing.

The information and the company they use to score your credit gives incorrect data, showing things owed that are paid off, showing things that present, that have been removed, and they keep repeating the exact same thing over and over. Each person continues to do this, no matter what you tell them.

I was told I prequalified, and that I was sold a lot, that I had given earnest money for, which is supposed to be held, but was rapidly cleared through my bank. Then I was told I did not qualify, to do more paying off, and do this, do that, etc., come back and try again. I am told my ratios look good, just do this and do that.

So I do what is asked, and I go back and now my ratios don't look so good, and they are using a new credit report from the same company that give inaccurate information. But this is all they want to look at. Then I'm told do this, and do that, and at this point I am so frustrated, I say, no, I'm not doing another thing. Give me my money back.

And although they willing took my money, they have the nerve to say to me, do you have a copy of the cleared check? Why the *** would I be walking around with that? Why do they need a copy of the cleared check, it the check didn't clear they would have been calling me... (right).

This is incredibly asinine. So ask me if I received my money. No!!

I now have to go to the bank, get a copy of the check that they have already cleared to show them that they have already cleared the check, in order to get my earnest money back. Simply asinine.

I do not recommend this company to anyone who is buying a home, unless you want to get jerked around, and taken for a ride for no reason. It is a big waste of time, and you may lose your money.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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There are qualifications to get the ball rolling so to speak, but if your credit is not all that great and they're trying to find a lender to accept your loan application, LGI will do what they have to in order to get you approved. Many people go in with screwed up credit scores, but your buying habits will paint a different picture to a load officer.

I was also told to do this and that, but LGI is not the only company I've had do this. They're doing what they can to get things looking good in your favor.

If you start smart mouthing them and give them an attitude, that's on you. I think people are too quick to blame and not put all the cards on the table to make it look as if they're the ones being victimized when the reality is that they didn't do their homework and have used up all their patience.


it sounds like you didn't do your homework. The only way you can get jerked around is if you let someone *** you around.

next time do your homework before giving any money or signing on the dotted line.


Same thing happened to me. In reading your comment I felt like was reliving the *** those LGI people put me through.

I even spoke witha regional manager who also lied through his teeth. I called the president of the company but the coward never anwered and never returned my calls. I have letters on this file. I recommend to any potential home buyer to stay away from LGI.

go anywhere else but LGI. Rene Carvajal


Stop this nonsense, please. You BOUGHT the lie.

Did YOU do your research and due diligence beforehand? It's YOUR ignorance of the system that bit you in the butt. Do sales people lie? Yes and No.

It's your responsibility to research the deal.


Why would you slam this person's missfortune because of some one else's dishonesty? Sounds like you work for LGI… A good honest company will explain things and help a person. This company does not sound like a good honest company.


Most companies require proof that your checked cleared your bank.

Their are people who make a living by writing checks on closed accounts and go back the next day for a refund. Those are the cooks!!