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Update by user Sep 07, 2015

We ended up buying and used their in house financing. Our realtor said that it was a very good rate.

We did and fha with 3.5 percent down. Loved the house. The warranty people were great. Guy gave me his cell number and I've already texted him about voids in the grout and a door not latching.

They had a crew out here in 2 days.

Closing was on site, that was nice. We love the house and all the features

Original review posted by user Jun 29, 2015

We were looking for a new home in our area and this is the only community with homes for less than 400k so we went to check them out. We got the sales pitch but that only took 10 min or so. He then said the same thing that most of yall say about not usually showing homes until after they pull credit. However, we simply said that we are in a home now so we are not in a hurry to purchase but we are not going to start the process without seeing a house first. He then exited sales mode and showed us 4 houses that are sold, but not moved into. (they were about 95% complete. needed carpet in 2 rooms).

He was very friendly, and helpful. Obviously they want you to use their financing, but thats just salesmanship. We would never use in house financing whether it be buying a home or a car. You are supposed to shop for that stuff on your own.

That seems to be most peoples problem with this company is the shady money stuff. The product seems fine to me. Ive lived in a home from the 80s and a home from the 2000s. It is plan jane but seems to be well constructed. We will have our realtor check this place out and see what she thinks.

YOU need representation! The builder is not your friend! They are not supposed to be. Go with a realtor so they can handle all the details for you and go with your own financing from a bank or a lender that your realtor works with.

(also go look at the neighborhood at night and see if you still like it. You can see the screen from the drive in movie theater from the neighborhood we looked at. lol)

LGI Homes Pros: Quality and price.

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WE are in tampa Fl.. None of this happened to us.

we did't want to sit through their sales pitch and we did see homes way before we even considered letting them pull our credit. be smart and know what you want, know what you can afford ahead of time.