Houston, Texas
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i bought my house in 2008 in Sunrise Meadows in Richmond. I surely don't understand what happen with these people with compliants My experience from the beginning was great.

The sales man was upfront and explained everything in detail , even going through the house and showing me everything that should be done. I found nothing wrong with the house or property. About 6 months after I moved in the circuit breaker in one of my bedrooms would shut off. I called the builder (LGI) and within 1 hour they had sent an electrian and the the breaker was fixed no question asked.

Almost a year after I had bought my house there was a water leak in the front yard. When I called the water company they said the leak was on My side of the water line. Again I called LGI within 12 hours they had a plumber out who dug up my lawn and fixed the leak and the repair the damage to my lawn.

Maybe the people with compliants were not people who handled themselves in a profeesional manner. I love my home and LGI has been great...

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This is obviously a fake review. To insult people who have had a huge level of frustration with a company that made promises on, but did not deliver, shows that this person probably works for LGI.