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This is just for FYI purposes. I am not taking any sides, I am not defending anyone.

Talked with Maury at Luckey Ranch. He was very nice and patient. Decided to go and take a look. The only thing he knows about my credit is what I told him.

He asked what we felt comfortable with for a monthly payment. He then gave us the keys and directions to the Trinity Model (because I had told him that I liked that floor plan). We looked at the house, another sales person walked in with customers and while he was demonstrating features of the house, I asked a few questions, which he was happy to answer. We decided that this payment would be a little higher than we hoped for.

On our way back to the office, I mentioned to my wife that there was a "less expensive" Model, the Hemlock. We decided to take a look at it. Maury advised us that he didn't have a completed model, but gave us direction to a home in process of being built, completely dry-walled, so we got a good idea. When we left, he gave us "pre-qual" paperwork and told us to get it back to him at our convenience.

So, as I read all these reviews stating "must run credit checks before we can show you a home" must just simply be bad or poorly trained employees. Thanks for listening!

Reason of review: just gave addl info to all the reviews I read, and the experience we had.

LGI Homes Pros: Inital salesman only.

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My wife and I had him, not saying bad or good, but he did make us run through the same hoops. I wanted to see a home and he told us they coulnt until we were apptoved. Just saying......