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We have foundation problems inside and out.Electrical problems.

Plumbing problems. Leaks. Had to replace AC unit b/c they put one 1 ton too small for our size home which caused it to overwork and go out. They cut corners and costs every way possible.

So much more, people deserve to know what they are getting into when they buy a house w/ them. Four people on my small culdesac have had major pipes bust underground. Neighbor across from us AC has gone out also and she has electrical problems. I was told by people who came to fix some things that since we are technically not in city li mits they dont have to pass code or inspection like they would if we were in city limitsl.

Just because you can get away with that doesnt mean its right or ethical. I dont reccomment anyone buy a home from them. Sidewalk and driveway sinking. Back door off from house shifting, fixed once and house moved more now gap on top and bottom of door.

You can see toilet upstairs lioks tilted to one side from shift and you can feel it when walking upstairs. There are cracks above doors and window. It just goes on and on. Even the fence throughout our neighborhood is constantly falling b/ c the just through posts in ground w/ no concrete on main posts.

House is a constant money pit and not worth what we are having to put into it.

It should really be bought back because no one will ever want to buy it with the foundation constantly shifting and its not right to be stuck with a defective home.Filed a complaint with BBB and no response as of yet.

Monetary Loss: $139000.

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Have any of you contacted media or lawyers please keep in mind the media will only deal with you if you do not have an attorney call NBC shame on you or any other network that has a shame on you department toll has an arbitration clause so unless you can get a class action suit you will have to arbitrate first

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1322477

I contacted LGI before I read any reviews about them.It was difficult trying to have a sensible conversation with the person (male) who called me.

As a result, I decided to check out the online reviews.

I thank you and everyone else who shared their bad experiences with this company.You have all saved me from making a major mistake.


All of you guys need to get together and hire a lawyer to sue them!!Your reviews saved me from even meeting with them.

God bless you guys, I pray you all get help with all of your situations.A home is a big investment and should be taken serious by someone selling them.


Just Leave It! Get An Appt or Condo


Nearly all the whiners here are categorically failing to realize that it's their collective girth that's the real problem; you cannot expect to cram several enormous white trash whiners in a small, poorly constructed hothouse & not expect consequences. ALL the problems described here are the result of.....fatties.

to Anonymous Irving, Texas, United States #1211427

You are an *** with no real reasons to even be commenting on people posts. Take your hateful self on somewhere.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1064796

Maybe we should get together and file a class action law suit against LGI asking them to buy their shoddy houses back.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1064791

We have an LGI home with a sinking driveway in Foster Meadows

San Antonio, Texas. LGI has refused to fix it. A/C will not cool the house and the floors are zero grade.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #895163

I have some of the same problems.My fence was defective from the beginning and the building supervisor assured me that the problem would be fixed.

Here it is 8 months later and the boards are still missing from the fence. I have water pipes bursting from the main and the A/C was just messed up from the beginning of the purchase.

LGI has deceived me from the beginning and I feel that all should be aware of thier shady practices.Actually since I have moved to Texas I have had this problem and that makes me wonder if it is a state wide problem to screw people at every possible chance.

to Howard Denton, Texas, United States #1335026

Same problem with our fence it's been 11 months of us harassing them during our initial walk through my husband showed them our fence all the panels nails were sticking out not even put together the wind blows and they fall down!!We assume that since he told them it looked like a four yr old put it together that's why they've never fixed it!!

Our a/c doesn't blow in 2 of our bedrooms supposedly they are coming next week finally for that. We just had someone fix our back door he had to take the whole door out case and all because it was put in poorly by framers not door people!! Wish we would have looked at these reviews..

There are too many other issues to list.We are in Summer Oaks in Denton TX

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