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I received the LGI flyer in my mail about the low monthly payments and no money down financing.... I made an appt to take a look....

as soon as I walked in the door I was waited on and asked to sit at a table and fill out some info on me.... as I looked around I got the feeling these guys are here to get my name on a contract ASAP... all young guys, fast talkers, slicked back hair, total salesmen..... a rep came over and asked a few questions & exactly what I was looking for....

said he had just what I wanted, just to fill out another form and we could get started.... as I looked at the form, I realized it was for a credit check....I said Im not giving you permission for a credit check just to tour a house for a few minutes.... I was told this is how LGI works, so not to waste my time and theirs... I repeated that there was no way Im giving my SS# just to look at a house that I mite potentially buy....

He repeated again about not wasting our time and that he needed to do a credit check so I could get locked into a home.....WHOAAA i said Im not locking into anything and I sure as *** aint giving you my personal info just to look at an LGI home.... he kept doing some fast talking as I got up and started walking to the door and I just said thank you but there is to many builders in the DFW area to have to got thru all of this........

I felt like their main purpose was to get my name on a contract as fast as they could..... Just my story to beware of LGI

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exactly what happend to us also and the sales representative mr scott was too rude..0 % down is the big lie..they are not saying the details about the home better to go for a luxury apt than buying lg homes


Wowwwwwww! Thanks guys.

I was interested in lgi. ... NOT NOW! They can *** it!!!!

Why take advantage of working class people.

Ugh . You guys keep your heads up and build a lawsuit together.


Wowwwwwww! Thanks guys.

I was interested in lgi. ... NOT NOW! They can *** it!!!!

Why take advantage of working class people.

Ugh . You guys keep your heads up and build a lawsuit together.


I'm sorry that all of you had a bad experience. Unfortunately, my husband and I had quite the opposite reaction.

We went in, and yes, we were taken to a room to fill out information. Then we gave them our SSN's so that way the could run a credit check. I had called earlier in the week, so the sales woman knew exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a 5 bedroom home since I have 3 kids.

So she talked to me about my options before I even got to see the house. She enrolled us in their credit program so that way we can qualify for the 0 money down. While, we have the deposit ready, we are going to use that instead to clean up my husbands credit and that way we can qualify for 0 down and we have better credit at the end of it. I'm very thankful for this process because I didn't want to fall in love with a house and then find out that I cannot meet the requirements.

While my husband make near 6 figures, his credit is horrible. They worked with us and now we're about to sign a contract. As for the house itself, it's an inventory house. What you see is what you get.

My husband used to build homes for a living. He said they don't use the nicest materials ever, but when it comes to energy efficient items, they use the best. He said the cabinets are pre-fab but they look clean and you cannot see any of the lines. There are no ceiling fans, we have to add those ourselves.

We have to buy half the blinds. But luckily, since we're not paying a down payment, we can use the money towards these things. They never once told us otherwise and they've always been very up front. We've done our proper inspection of the house and we're very excited.

We're very thankful to LGI for making the process as easy as possible! I would recommend them to anyone.

But maybe it's just for our community, which is Mallard Crossing. I'm very glad I didn't follow the bad reviews.


Its funny how LGI has people talking *** about people with negative reviews.


:cry boy , you were told a bunch of junk, the only one you can fix your credit YOU ,and with LGI you house will be coming down around you ears in 5 years, I own one and it falling apart, R U N do not walk and get out of any thing to do with LGI :x


"I must be hiding something" ...thats exactly what the salesman said to me, rather loudly, in front of other perspective buyers, when I refused to give my personal info for a credit check.... With identity theft as the fastest growing crime in America, who in their right mind would give out their SS# just to tour a house that they might potentially buy?? NOT ME!!!.......and I hope no one else would


:eek A word to the wise for all of you considering the purchase of a home built by LGI. CHECK OUT THE HOME THOROUGHLY!!

Look at how the fences were constructed; ask yourself: HOW ARE THEY ANCHORED? NIT PICK EVERYTHING....BE AWARE BEFORE YOU BUY!


Y would they waste their time with someone that has poor credit? the whole reason they do that is to avoid dealing with a person that can't afford to buy a home. You must b hiding something.


As someone who was a licensed realtor in both Florida and Arizona, I will state that you are correct that a Realtor does require a credit check to ensure the individual is capable of securing a loan. However, WE rarely run the credit check and generally send them to a mortgage lender etc to have that check run for the maximum grand cost of 50.00; even if our brokerage runs it themselves.

NOT 500.00. Ernest money is put into a non bearing escrow account and returned to the buyer IF the loan does not go through etc. No one should ever be asked for 500.00 to run a credit report. Once you have the credit report they will tell you what you need to do to clean it up.

No need to pay someone to clean up your credit. Something is definitely NOT right with LGI.


Thanks for the lesson now enroll in school and learn to write.


We bought a house, would not call it a home as it could never be that, I have a back yard huh that what they call it, 40 degree, back yard that you can not use, wanted to build a storage building, but no place to do it even a 10 X 10 it would down the slope, one other thing LGI lie to you a lot, most people here want to get out of apartment , LGI also went bankrupt in SC we are in our 70 yrs and just want a nice house:cry :p that a laugh. but to many problems to put down here but not to my lawyer, he a friend , that the only way we would be able to fight LGI. want to see if a class action suit can be brought,more later


thank u me too :eek



Thanks for the warning because I sure was about to make an appointment.