I’m am a realtor. I have a client trying to buy a townhouse in one of your Atlanta property My Cl went in to purchase with a va loan The townhome did not Aporaiser fir the price of the home. My Cl agreed to go fha with diwnpYmrnt assistance vehicular could work since had funds in her account in excess of 10000.00 I was told yesterday my Cl would have to come to the table with 3.5 percent down She agreed to pay the 3.5? Down. loan officer explained . My Cl put firm 1000.00 in earnest money doing va loan. My Cl was told lag would pay up to 4 percentvin closing cost if she used the preferred lender. Due to her doing a vs loan her 1000,00 would have been a credit. When she switch to fha. And had to put down 3.5 percent bibeasvtold today by the loan officer my clients eArnest money would be used for closing cost. Due to bad communication and her loans not being handled by a knowledgeable loan office my Cl is expected near more unexpected expenses. My Cl could have used her lender and got better treatment. Please have someone contact me to help as I was told my Cl has house credit and could close quite easily if this resolved. My client is a first time buyer This should be a happier experience Please help

Gloria Dyer

Residential Premier Inc

678 663 ****


Client: Denise Carter

Property: the Village at Campbellton Rd

Agent : Cody Woods

Loan office : Shannon Smallman

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Home Buying.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Hmmm... It was a truly a pleasure to work with the client Denise Carter.

Can’t say the same for this realtor. There were some hurdles (appraisal fell 16k short on VA). Only other option was FHA. It was understood shortly after the switch that we couldn’t use AHA (down payment assistance) for your client.

Not my fault, talk to AHA. Your client agreed to pay the 3.5% required by FHA and that was it. The 1000k deposit did go toward closing costs as agreed when she signed the contract day 1. Why, because the builder LGI takes care of all the other closing costs AND prepaids.

And guess what, SHE CLOSED and called me VERY HAPPY, thanking me for not giving up on the deal. If you as the realtor were more knowledgeable about your role in this transaction and stayed in your lane, then this would have been a much smoother process for the client and myself.


Shannon you are rude and very obnoxious I wouldn’t want to deal with you. How dare you be so rude. You are very unprofessional and I would never send a client to you.

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