Rex, Georgia

I went to view LGI homes at Semaphore Crossing in Rex, GA on 01/04/2015. I was already skeptical after reading a lot of the reviews but I believe in finding things out for yourself.

I was told I had an appointment at 1:00 p.m. I was quite surprised when I pulled up and saw about 6 cars outside of the office when I was told that my appointment at 1:00 would be the last one. My husband and I entered the office and their were "3" other couples waiting. I instantly figured they told all of us to come at 1:00pm which was ridiculous because their was only one person helping you.

We sat their for 45 minutes waiting and did not get anything accomplished because the one representative was running back and forth between customers. What really made us leave without even viewing any properties is the fact that we were in an open room and heard everything the representative was saying to the other customers. How much they had in their bank accounts, where they worked at, how much they had in their 401k. I could not believe their was NO privacy at all.

We even heard when he told one customer everything that was on their credit report and the fact that they were denied. So the part about them running your credit before they let you view the home is 100% true.

I am just so thankful we left before they got any of our personal information. They did call us back and tried to get us to come back but we were like NO WAY!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are soooo right and I feel sorry for the people who have contracted to buy from them. They are taking advantage of the less fortunate!

Buying from them is like buying from the rep that sells timeshares or a used car salesman! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!


This company is run by a filthy *** - enough said.


Any agency is going to make sure you qualify before taking their time with you. If you do not qualify, whats the point in showing you properties?

I personally show one home before I get an agreement and have the buyer qualified.

I agree about the privacy.


That's truly understandable to have person qualified before looking at homes but if the client goes in with a realtor and has already been pre-qualified LGI wont accept that! They still want to know the client's financial history before showing them a home and I don't agree with this!

I'm told that LGI doesn't like working with Realtors and from the experience I had with them today, I can certainly see why! They take advantage of the less fortunate and a true real estate professional can see clean through all of that!!!


That is true to the point in sherman hills brooksville florida name of sales christian lemere stay away fro there


If you are truly a Realtor, then you should know that this type of setup is NOT common place. You, the Realtor, DO NOT qualify anyone.

The lender does. The home buyers credit score and income is not your business, though it is often shared. All you truly need to know is the word from the lender that the buyer qualifies for x amount. These homes are new construction and you and I both know that this is not what happens upon entering a true model with any other builder.

People are turned off by it, because this is NOT was happens when you go to new construction: Ryland, D.R. Horton, Premier Residential, Crown Communites, even shady *** Legacy/Peachtree/Century and HomeLife/Atreus/Wilson Parker Homes don't do that and you as a true realtor would/should know that. LGI Homes are obviously targeted to those that are less fortunate thinking their dreams are coming true. I visited the same community as the OP on 10/25/2015.

It was 5 or 6 cars parked near the 'model.' I told the gentlemen I was already pre-approved with the Navy Federal for up to $219,00. He continued to question me and said I still had to let them run my credit. I laughed and said absolutely not. He told me that Navy Federal wasn't going to my closing cost.

I asked him how does he know what Navy Federal and what him the idea that I was looking for my closing cost to be paid? I overheard the guy at the next table tell the couple that he don't have the time to show homes that people can't afford. Excuse me? You are on-site.

They are open from 8AM-8PM. That's 12 hours to show homes and answer questions. He also told her that they only one left in the community which was odd because a few hopeful home buyers were also there. My guess is that it was a lie.

Who allows someone to run their credit before viewing a home (new construction only)? The poor and uninformed I guess. I'm not one of those people. I left a little upset because I hate to see people being taken

advantage of.

I walked over to the lady at the other table and told her that she didn't have to buy a home this way. You should be pressured into having your credit run just to "view" the home. ***, have him produce a floor plan, something. I told her that I was leaving this 'model' before I get upset and told her if she wanted to ask me questions I would be in the 2015 BMW outside.

Before I left, the guy was like, "Good Luck" to which I applied, "Don't need it!" I was under the rainbow and over the ***. I left and put a home under contract with a builder with a little sense of $203,000