I went to LGI homes at Cherry Lakes today. First, I was told a woman (who was at her desk) would be helping me.

Next, a male salesperson came and introduced himself. We sat down at a table and he showed me a binder with the five or six steps to purchasing a home. I told him what I wanted, and he told me all of the homes are already built, but that they had a couple of high-option homes available, which is what I was interested in. Now, I took the afternoon off to go see them at the office.

I told him I took time off work to visit them. I was the only customer inside the model home. There were, however, two other men wearing the red salesman shirts in the office at another table talking. My salesperson asked me to come back this weekend for their, "sales" event.

I told him I took the afternoon off work, and I would like to see one of the homes. He said he was not able to show me a home because he was the only person in the office (remember...I was first told I would be helped by the woman at the desk). I told him I was not able to come by on the weekend, which is why I took the Friday afternoon off. He said he could not leave the office and was not able to show me a home.

WOW....I guess they are not really into making sales. I told him I was already pre-approved for a mortgage, but he still wouldn't even show me anything about the house, or the options. I then read on another SCAM website that this is exactly what has happened to other customers who went there. The sales people waste your time talking about financing, and you never get to see any of the homes.

So the moral of this story is that several customers have said the same thing as I have. I would recommend you look at other builders in the area who actually are interested in selling new homes.

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Well, as far as Nasdaq numbers are, they seem to be doing VERY well as far as growth numbers go.. And from a business owner standpoint (if they have preferred lenders) I can see why they would want to pull your credit before possibly wasting hours hours with someone.


They actually do not have model homes. This builder is not like the rest.

THey want to run your credit before they actually show you one of the homes that is either sold or they are trying to sell. You should go to another homebuilder when they are in the first stage or in the middle of building out a neighborhood as the models will still be available for you to view.

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