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IF YOU ARE A VETERAN GO ELSE WHERE I am warning all veterans and prospective homebuyers to not use LGI for a home builder, this company has been nothing but a nightmare. I moved into an LGI home with my wife and we thought it was our dream home.

We were extremely happy until it came down to fixing problems using the work orders system. I would write work orders which would address small problems but only after calling numerous times would get fixed. When I put in a work order for my driveway I was ghosted.

I started noticing flaking spots on my drive way in Oct of 18 so I placed a work order to have issue addressed, well I never got a call back.

I had independent concrete contractor provide his professional opinion of my driveway. Sonny the contractor told me, “the concrete looked to be a bad mix, failed to put in the air entraining agent (or failed to order it with it), improperly floated it so much cement paste was brought to the surface, added water at the site to make it more workable, or failed to cure it correctly.

The obvious sign there is a problem is the drive way is darker in color and noticeably different than all the other driveway throughout the neighborhood”. Sonny advised to have a core sample taken because he was sure with his 20 years of experience the concrete will be proven to be a bad pour and the drive way was built in haste with short cuts being used due to other concrete jobs (driveways) needing poured.

I have contacted local companies to have the sample taken.

I was wrong in my assumption. My neighborhood rocks, it the kind of place where people can kids can play in the street and trick or treat without worry. So, when walking and talking with neighbors, we found out some disturbing things.

An LGI employee told the truth to a homeowner.

LGI had an employee who was fired for not taking care of work orders. I was told Dale the foreman and oversaw the building and in charge of fixing problems was caught erasing work orders. My wife and I did our final inspection with Dale and after speaking to other neighbors, I started seeing a trend. Whenever you asked to place an item on the list to fix, Dale would haggle over the item which is consistent with many home buyers and troubling in hindsight.

The work order which was placed was either erased or was never addressed.

I also found out the one of my neighbors had the exact same issue where their driveway had what is called a bad pour.

There was significant Spaulding for reasons beyond normal weathering. Well when the LGI management came to look at the issue I was willing to have a talk with management, but due to the loss of my father was unable to speak face to face.

I placed two additional work orders once I came home to ensure the work orders would be addressed after calling the Vice President Jodi. My opinion of the conversation. The LGI management staff now knew the extent of a bad employee and will circle the wagons instead of standing by their product.

So, in a classic diffusion of responsibility, I was directed to the new foreman Justin.

Justin, called me, informed me he would have a team of people come out and look at my drive way. Once I called and confirmed when someone would come out, I only observed Justin by himself come out and briefly look at drive way. Justin was showing up was captured on my home security system. Justin who told me he would call me back with the results at the end of the day called me back then next morning and it was a response I had a feeling I was going to get after observing him on the camera system.

Justin told me he wasn’t moving forward with the claim because he couldn’t find the previous work order that was placed over a year ago and suggested that I buy a concrete sealant.

Then asked where do I work? I told him and his preplanned response is city I work in used “Chromag “(road salt) and the salt is falling off my vehicle. The entire metro area uses the same exact salt! My garage parking under that rationale would show a problem.

There are parts of the drive way which my wife and I don’t drive on that are heavily spaulding.

I am going to be forced into a civil suit, it’s not the money but the principal. Stand by your product. I hope whoever read this will go with another company.

LGI will make promises they correct all mistakes, but it’s not true. Please consider using someone else, its not worth the hassle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: fix driveway .

LGI Homes Pros: Nice homes.

LGI Homes Cons: There reposonse to building defects.

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You need to treat people right.


Why can’t people either stand by their product or own up when they do a crap job. Hope you get it squared away soon


I hope you guys get this fixed!


Thanks for letting others know. I was considering buying from them, but after your negative review I will do more research in reference to complaints and of course will consider other companies.

Thanks again. The time you used on writing the post was worth it.


I looked at an LGI home in the springs. The staff was rude and unwilling to help with anything.

I think I dodge a bullet here.

I hope they didn't do the same thing to the foundation. Sounds like they are going to be paying out big money.