Rio Rancho, New Mexico

I admit, I only started looking at all of the comments regarding LGI on this web site after we had started our closing paper work and I’ve got to say that I’m glad I did not look before we had because all of the bad reviews might have made me avoid LGI. But I’ve got to say that most 10 months later, both my wife and I feel we’ve been blessed.

I can reference all the other homeowners in my location where as LGI was the third contractor to complete the community we live in so I’ve been able to compare the issues other homeowners have experienced with the other builders, compared to the quality work and outstanding quality customer service and exceptional response I’ve received from LGI’s home warranty service on the couple of areas that have needed additional attention. This is not a fake review but rather I’m a first time homeowner that’s been very pleased and I honestly think a lot of this has to do with the exceptional detailed response I’ve received by Eddie Loven, the Construction Manager at LGI in Rio Rancho New Mexico.

His quick response and detailed phone calls on course of actions with follow up have been exceptional and I can’t ask for better outstanding customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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This is an interesting post to me. It almost sounds like a sales pitch since it singles out LGI as a better builder.

All buyers have to do is look at places like Megatel, D.R. Horton, Hampton Homes, Grand Homes, etc etc and you will see ALL the amenities that come with them.

LGI gives the bare minimum.

IF this is a real home buyer of LGI and not someone defending themselves from LGI, they are one of the minute people to have had this kind of experience which stills says something terrible about LGI.


"...they are one of the minute people to have had this kind of experience which stills says something terrible about LGI."

No, it does not.

In any case, I've started to think that perhaps geographical location might be the problem because I haven't seen any of the reported issues here in New Mexico.

These people have done well for me so I've got to think a lot of these reviews are just not possible as presented. Not all of them as I've taken some time to follow up and you can see some of the same info via the BBB but my own experience has been way above what I've read here and I've been looking for over 10 months, even down to what's being claimed about the initial interactions with the new home sales team.

As for attempting to single out LGI as the better builder, the evidence can be seen on the web site, “Next door”, Camino Crossing, where as all the homeowners communicate with each other and there’s a lot of issues with the other builders in the community yet not one homeowner has presented any negative issue that I’m aware of regarding LGI and I’ve looked hard to make sure that anything anybody else is having a problem with, I make sure that I review that with my own home within the one year warranty. As I initially noted, glad that I did not look at the comments here regarding LGI cause it might have given me second thoughts.

I will also point out that there are no negitive comments about LGI out of the state of New Mexico.