I know this is a complaint board, but I just wanted to put it out there that this company isn't all bad. I think it depends on who your sales person is, what community you're moving into and other variables.

We have been in our home for almost 3 years now and I don't have anything to complain about. We met our sales person, we talked about the credit situation (which to qualify for a USDA loan, we had to go through credit repair, which was free with the $500 deposit) and then we were shown the house. I preferred it that way because I didn't want to see something I couldn't have. We did receive our $500 back, as promised and we closed within the month.

We've had no problems with the house, the contractor was helpful during the warranty period. We even had some issues with lightning striking our AC unit, which Acts of God aren't covered by the warranty, however they still fixed it for free. I'm sorry for all of the others who had bad experiences, but I think people should keep an open mind and know that not each location is same.

The reviews for a company are not going to be as accurate when each location varies in customer service. My advice would be just to try.

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we are looking at the Tampa /Wimuma Fl.

None of this has happened to us. We didn't have to sit through a sales pitch,nor did we have to give any personal info.

before they showed us houses or lots..... nor, would we have. If you can't afford $500.00 down don't pay it.. It also, may mean you can't afford the payments.

Here construction has to be checked by county several times....



I also am interested in the location you purchased your house from. The %95 of the complaints were from Texas...


Thank you for this as I am looking into working with this company....I thought it was scam at first glance....


Hi. Can you disclose how long it took you to finish the Credit Repair program and then close on your home?


Hi there! May I know what LGI location you purchased your house? I agree that this varies per circumstance and of course the qualification requirements, and if these are met so it is advisable to keep an open mind.