San Antonio, Texas

My husband and I went in with rose tinted sunglasses as many did on here I am sure! After being told they would approve us as soon as we paid of a credit card we did and we made arangementa to close in August.

Then we were told we couldn't close until October 31st. Tired of being of being mislead we decided to back out Raphael from foster meadow bullied my husband on the phone into think I his wife was trying to have to much control and that he wanted to talk to him alone without me about the situation because I didn't know what I was talking about. I then called him back and told him I am done and I want my money and I called him a pushy liar.

He told me you have to respect me because I am a decent human being and shouldn't call him a pushy liar because he is a life changer. Changing lives for the worse!!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Does your state have the MCC program? Are you looking at LGI?

If you're entitled to , and qualify for, the MCC Program, you shouldn't be denied the right to use the MCC....period. Before you sign on the dotted line ask the LENDER, not the sales person, if they will do the paperwork.

If they refuse, walk away very briskly. If you have no clue what the MCC program is just google it up.


If u backout then lgi is not d liar here! You need to be patient in a homebuying process especially if you do not have a1 credit.

I hate to hear you pulled out of your home deal because some ppl close later than others.

It all depends on varying 2 deals are exactly the same. My cousin had to a lot but in d end she is enjoying a brand new 4 bedroom home.


Sounds like ***.