Since day one I should have known there would be issues. Had to shell out additional money right before closing because the home had magically increased in value by 3 grand; home was NOT ready by closing date so I couldnt even move in; during the building process, if I hadnt mentioned to them that I was MISSING 2 WINDOWS and some outlets, I wouldnt have them; the landscaping sucks with providing have the homes in the neighborhood with dead trees, plus dont expect a decent looking back yard; within months of moving in, I have had multiple issues with HVAC and now barely a year later Im shelling out thousands for a new HVAC because the initial installation was so terrible; my biggest regret in life was buying a home from LGI. Its not been 2 years and I am looking for a new home already.

User's recommendation: Please do your research prior to purchasing from LGI.

LGI Homes Pros: Builder paid most of my closing costs.

LGI Homes Cons: Sales presentation policies, Trying to change your mind when you wanna back out, Pushy.

Location: 3225 Ridge Hill Parkway, Douglasville, GA 30135

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