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The Management of LGI's Luckey Ranch in San Antonio responded to our concerns immediately. Everything was fixed within a few days, and the construction manger checked on the progress of the work daily to make sure everything was done properly.

We hope that this will not happen to us or to anybody else. We thank Craig Harmon (construction Manager) and AARON JORDAN (REGIONAL CONSTRUCTION MANAGE)for being so willing the solve our problem. To potential buyers, we still encourage you to spend a few dollars to have someone check the property you intend to buy as thoroughly as possible. We were lucky that the managers were quick to respond to our complaint.

Also, forums like this one are of immense help to air whatever grievances you may have about the quality of your property. Use it and, if your problem is solved, give credit where it is due.

Thank you for this forum and thanks to LGI for responding so quickly.

However, yesterday one of our neighbors' roof in his master bedroom collapsed and one found leakage above the ceiling in his laundry room with lots of mold as well, so apparently "BEWARE" of plumbing works.

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