Dallas, Texas

I'm responding to a consumer's complaint.

Dear Pissed Consumer;

Did you think to check out the neighborhood before purchasing your new home? And did you not think about the construction noise, since you were moving into a new addition of brand new homes? Clearly, you could see other homes under construction. And the noise by the neighbor's music has nothing to do with the company who sold you the home. The company has no control over city noise. However, you can file a complaint with the city ordinance.

I think in the real estate market, if folks are able to get financing and have a chance to own their own home, I feel it's the American dream. And they should go for it if it's a good investment. Most folks are working class and live from pay check to pay check. Saving for a huge down payment can be near impossible for some. Even if it's a FHA loan which only requires 3.5 percent down. And renting isn't getting any cheaper. I think if a person can buy a decent home and get out of the renting slump they should pounce on that opportunity. If you're (pissed consumer) only paying $1100 per month on a house note, you should be happy. A three bedroom or more bedroom apartment cost far more than what you're paying now. Be happy you'll have equity in something in only a few years. You're young. And sixty percent of our wealth comes from real estate. The housing market is increasing. In a few years, your house's value will increase. And for the noise, bake cookies and take them to the loud neighbors and ask if their kids could keep the music down to a minimum. Or get some ear plugs. Stop complaining. You're not stuck paying high rent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

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That was obviously an LGI Employee.


Amen to you and your very accurate statements. I can attest $1100.

For a home is great because d going rate for a substandard apt unit is $975.00 & all d trashy ppl (I'm being openly honest here no judgment) & a good unit in a great area wants $100 for a 2 bedroom! !!!!


Lol, LGI homes don't go up in value. You will find alot of them on short sell for less the 100k.