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My husband is a veteran and only require a 620 credit score we applied for a LGI home and we were told some of the same bull you are experiencing.It has been 5 months and we keep getting the runaround about his credit score you're almost there and we still have no house and the manager there is so rude, we asked for our $500 dollars and he said there is no money we used that money to repair your credit that was not what we were told he told us the money was earnest money that will go into escrow to pay the closing cost so they are refusing to give us our money. I advise anybody DO NOT PURCHASE A HOME FROM LGI THEY ARE TRULY CROOKS

Monetary Loss: $500.

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i work for a lender and a word of advise is when buying a home always ask 1. how much or what % is the down payment


how much for escrow monies

3. is there an association & if so ask for their rules and guideline book.


if there is an association always ask for their CC&R's (covenant, conditions & restrictions)

5. ask what property taxes are to be paid and by what county.


Wow, I was looking into using my VA loan and got an LGI advertisement in the mail. Thank you for posting your experience.

Reading these posts, you are not the only one who has lost this $500 that they seem to require before they will do anything.

I wondered why I wasn't able to find addresses of their homes on their website. Smells sketch...smh


Does your state have the MCC program? Are you looking at LGI?

If you're entitled to , and qualify for, the MCC Program, you shouldn't be denied the right to use the MCC....period. Before you sign on the dotted line ask the LENDER, not the sales person, if they will do the paperwork.

If they refuse, walk away very briskly. If you have no clue what the MCC program is just google it up.