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We received a flyer in the mail and it seemed too good to be true. So my husband called the number to get the directions to the location of the homes so we could check it out.

The first person he spoke to was a woman. And she passed him on to someone else. My husband asked him for the directions and he gave him the run around. All we wanted to know was how to get there.

The guy told him that he couldn't really give him the directions because people already live there and how would it look like if people drove around the neighborhood all the time. Is it me, or how can anyone see if they like the neighborhood or the houses if they don't see it. If we just drove around and saw all the billboards and drove there by chance, wouldn't that be the same thing? Anyways, after like 10 minutes of him asking my husband all these questions, he reluctantly gave him the directions.

Just having to do that just left a bad taste in our mouths even before trying to see the homes. We thought it was very rude. If you're trying to sell homes, wouldn't you be more helpful and professional?

We didn't even bother to go look.

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Does your state have the MCC program? Are you looking at LGI?

If you're entitled to , and qualify for, the MCC Program, you shouldn't be denied the right to use the MCC....period. Before you sign on the dotted line ask the LENDER, not the sales person, if they will do the paperwork.

If they refuse, walk away very briskly. If you have no clue what the MCC program is just google it up.