San Antonio, Texas

Everyone's complaints here are valid. If you notice the comments, well they are mean and quick to point the finger back at you.

It's LGI employees responding. They make up fake names or are anonymous comments. I used to work for LGI and was disgusted with what I saw. They go on lavish trips and have a four hour weekly meeting on how to basically lie to customers.

They don't make $100K a year by not selling homes so of course they will do anything for a sale. The sales team is praised while the construction team is overworked and overlooked. If for any reason you decide to back out, forget about them understanding, they will tell you straight to your face that YOU are taking money away from them and they hope you feel bad about it, it doesn't happen to everyone but I've seen this situation probably happen 5 out of 10 times and that's too much.

My advice, if you have not so good credit maybe this is the place for you, however if you have good credit and income I urge you to look elsewhere. I've been in the home sale business for a while and this is the worst builder by far.

Forget about integrity and ethics.

Whoever is in charge of "The LGI Way" needs Jesus.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing


so who are you?

do you work for another builder?


Lgi is ruining what was a promising new community. Sterling Lakes

@Sterling Lakes resident

I know what you mean. They throw houses up almost over night.

The office people are rude and don't get me started on the work crews. Ready to put my house on the market.


Here is something else to look at, not only for you but other homebuyers. Texas has a program called the MCC.

It is a great tax incentive. However, LGI will not allow you to use thier lender if you want to participate in the MCC program.

Google MCC TEXAS. If LGI refuses to sell you a home, using their lender, because you want to participate in the as fast as you can.